Learning to See

There is a term I hear often, “seeing is believing.”  This morning, I am sitting in my big leather chair with the warmth of a fire at my feet; the cold winter air keeping me a prisoner indoors.   The realness of things tangible around me like the sounds of family busying themselves happily on this Saturday morning; football game chatter, the strum of a guitar and drifting sounds of songs from a son, the leftover smells of the Belgian waffles and maple syrup enjoyed early, the computer on my lap.  These all confirm to me that the world exists and that I am alive.  It is not hard to believe this since I am now in the experience; I can hear it, see it, smell and feel it.

During my reading this morning, the simple story in the second chapter of Luke caught my attention.

There was a man, Simeon, a “righteous and devout man, waiting for the consolation of Israel” and it had been “divinely communicated to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.”  He served in the temple.  On this day, the eighth day, Mary and Joseph had traveled in according to the custom of the law with their little baby and offerings in hand.  Of course there were others there in the temple as well who, along with Simeon, were witnesses of the presence of Mary and Joseph and the small swaddled infant in arm,   But, though they all laid there eyes on this tiny package, (this little one being the realty of all the offerings, this little lamb if you will), they remained unaware that He was the God of the universe.  The did not, could not “see.”  Yes, the Fullness had come to fulfill the promise of salvation to all and here it was, complete in this tiny little package.  Those present in the temple that day were experiencing His presence in physicality; setting their eyes on His soft whisps of baby hair,  possibly being close enough to hear His tiny little groans and whimpers, perhaps even to catch a scent of the residuals of the manger straw on the cloth that now comforted Him.  Yet, though He was in their very midst, they did not “see” Him.  They missed it, missed Gods fullness all wrapped up before them.

Ah, but then, there was Simeon.  This faith-filled one, one who was in the temple doing the business of serving.  He no doubt had duties and responsibilities to tend to, requirements laid on him, yet amidst these activities he held to the promise of God, by faith.  Here was a heart that watched, not just seeing the temporal things around him, but looking up and seeing into other realities, heavenly ones, watching while at work, a heart that waited while he served, ears that listened beyond this worlds chatter.

“He received into his arms (oh how precious and priceless to hold and look into the eyes of God) and blessed God and said, Now You release Your slave, Master, according to Your word, in peace, For my eyes have seen Your salvation, Which You have prepared before the face of all your peoples.”  He saw!

Oh may we all have new vision!  May I not miss seeing My savior amidst my busy day!  It is possible to miss Him, to miss Him!

So, my prayer today, this winter morning as I muse.

Dear precious Lord and Father, open the eyes of my heart as I come to you and your Word.  Cause me look deep into Your heart as you look deep into mine and may I see you even more today as the true reality of all of my existence.  Let the clatter of this world dim as you become the reality I trust in.  Open my eyes and make me aware of your presence amidst my busy-ness and responsibilities of the day; not loosing “sight” of You and what I have to glean of you from my circumstances.  Strengthen me to watch and believe.

May I learn to see.